Friday, February 17, 2012

11/22/63 - Stephen King

This book is perfect for Sci-Fi lovers and History buffs alike.  I love history, and this book is the perfect twist of History.  It truly makes you think, what would the world really be like if JFK wasn't assassinated?  But then you become curious about other events in history.  What would have happened if President Nixon wasn't impeached?  What would have happened if Hurricane Katrina hadn't destroyed the south?  Stephen King creates the idea that if one bad thing doesn't happened as planned by nature or God, which ever you choose, that something worse will happen to make up for it. 

Stephen King never fails to go into extraordinary detail about everything.  Sometimes it can be a tad bothersome because it takes longer to read and comprehend, but in the long run it really helps for an overall visual experience of the book. 

The story line was great, and I didn't find one character I hated more than life itself.  Of course, like usual, every character bothered me at some point, but it wasn't a full blown hatred.  

Stephen King has impressed me again with another great book. 

peace love happiness
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