Friday, January 13, 2012

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins

I had my doubts when I started this book.  I was promised a story with no annoying main characters.  I was not lied to.  Of course there were the moments in which I did think that a main character was annoying.  But there were no Daniels. 

Anna Oliphent gets sent away to an American school in Paris.  She really doesn't want to, but you know how these things go.  Her neighbor in the dorm becomes good friends with her.  Of course that doesn't last.  Something has to happen.  And then they become friends again of course.  The reason, of course, is because of a guy.  Etienne St. Clair to be exact.  He's a cute boy with an English accent.  Something every girl swoons at.  Oh and also, he has a girl friend.  Ellie.  She's kind of a bitch.  

Soon St. Clair is falling for Anna and Anna is falling for St. Clair.  But, he still has a girlfriend.  Well isn't that awkward.  The relationship was going downhill and fast.  Which made St. Clair, of course, start to be iffy with Anna.  Oh and Meredith, Anna's first friend and the neighbor i mentioned earlier, likes St. Clair too.  Which makes things super awkward for Anna, because she has to hide the fact she likes St. Clair to save Mer's feelings. 

Then there is Toph.  The cute boy that Anna liked back in America.  He's a cute rocker boy.  And there's Bridgette, Anna's best friend in America.  And yes, they have to throw in the twist that Bridge and Toph get together.  Which squashes Anna's dreams of dating Toph.  Oh yes things get awkward.  

But then everything gets better in the end.  And the book made me cry, because St. Clair confesses his love for Anna at the top of Notre Dame.  St. Clair is afraid of heights.  That's what makes it so special.  

I really would recommend this book to anyone.  It's an amazing, but twisting love story.  It's beautiful. 

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