Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Story Behind: Daniel Grigori

Every so often, I'll do a segment called "The Story Behind:", which will be an explanation of something I've mentioned in another post or in my description. 

So here it goes.  

Daniel Grigori is a fallen angel in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate.  I am completely and utterly obsessed with him.  But not in the good way.  He is a super douchebag.  He makes Luce love him.  If he would just go away for more than a day, Luce would finally understand that their love is not a necessary thing.  

But, no, of course not.  He just has to be so annoying and pushy.  And, dear lord I just had a revelation.  Over and Over by Three Days Grace describes Luce in the relationship.

He never stops.  He doesn't want Luce to love him.  Oh but wait, now he does want Luce to love him.  Oh, I'm sorry, I have lied again.  He now doesn't want Luce to love him.  OH GOSH NO!  Now he does want her to love him.  That is pretty much how the whole story goes.  It's like reading the adventure of a 12 year old picking the petals off a flower saying "He loves me, He loves me not."

And in some short time, I will have for you, the exact count of how many times Daniel's name is said in the book.  What is even better then that?  That in the first chapter of the in-between book, Fallen in Love, Daniel is mentioned 7 times.  And the first chapter has nothing to do with him.  At all.  Not in any way.  It is about two other characters.  Not Daniel.  But no, god forbid that Daniel is excused from any point of the book.

So all in all, I love Daniel.  No, I love to HATE Daniel.  That ego-centric, unfurled winged, cynical, hot-shot angel, douche bag, DUMBASS!

oh, I'm sorry.  That was a tiny bit uncalled for.

Well, thanks for reading.

peace love happiness
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